Web Design & Development

Your website is arguably the most important aspect of your company’s marketing plan. It serves as the central hub for your brands messaging, design esthetic and marketing efforts. Since the web never sleeps, your website is like a store front that never closes. Your website can serve as a complex display of core values, marketing messaging and calls to action, which generate results and sales which continually increase your bottom line.


Website design is an art form within itself. User experience, psychology of human interaction, storytelling, usability, functionality and overall website visual nature are important factors to address when designing an application interface or website. At Jesse Hopkins Design we work toward ensuring all your digital marketing and branding goals are met.


Every website and online presence that we approach is custom tailored to your company’s needs and budget.


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HTML / CSS Development

All HTML and CSS development is approached with the best practices and latest development standards. Your HTML and CSS is custom coded for a streamline, clean foundation, promoting quick and enjoyable user experience as well as lay the groundwork for optimal search engine performance.


Wireframe Design Document

Wire framing is an important communication tool in any web or app project. It gives the client, developer, and designer an opportunity to walk through the structure of the website. Creating a wireframe will save time in the long run and make sure everyone is on the same page far before the development process. The following is a list of some of the great benefits of wireframes:

  1. Wireframes bring clarity to your projects, allowing you to work through all the interactions and layouts needed.
  2. Wireframes helps all parties think about what the websites needs really are and helps define project goals and what primary focus should be.
  3. Creating wireframes make it easier for all parties to communicate your ideas and how the design would work with responsiveness in mind.
  4. Wireframes can also help deliver the core message of your website more effectively and gather feedback at an early stage.
  5. Wireframes give the developer a clear picture of the elements that they will need to code. How should the layout adjust for smaller-sized devices? What is the hierarchy of the content? How does the navigation respond to smaller screens?
  6. Wireframes cover the layouts of many/all sections of the website, resulting in a more fluid creative process.


Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System is the backbone application of your website, allowing you to make updates to your site instantaneously from anywhere in the world, all you need in an internet connection, user name and password. Building a website around a CMS (ie: WordPress) allows the client to hold the keys to the kingdom, giving them full access to the management of content on their site. Updating text, addition of photos, addition of new pages, etc., are tasks possible for anyone on your team to complete without coding or server management skills. Our design and development is done in a way so that when the addition of new content is introduced through the CMS, your content and photography are customized to your overall design esthetic, marketing and communication goals.


A large aspect of a websites success is the content and how the user experience delivers this content. The addition of new content is vital to the longevity of your website. With the use of a CMS as the backbone of your website, you can easily update content at any given moment.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive Framework

The fastest path to mobile customers is through a mobile-friendly site. If your site offers a great mobile experience, users are more likely to make a purchase. A great mobile site experience is becoming increasingly important, and users will keep looking for a mobile-friendly site until they find one that works for them. It turns out that you can lose more than the sale with a bad mobile experience. A site that’s not designed for mobile can leave users feeling downright frustrated, and these negative reactions translate directly to the brands themselves. Creating a mobile friendly site has become a critical component of building strong brands, nurturing lasting customer relationships, and making mobile work for you.


Website Animation (Optional Service) 

Both desktop and mobile friendly, we can create animated effects, slide shows, displays and more for your website.  We offer a base rate for the site’s overall animation effect.  This includes general page and content transitions, menu animations, mouse over effects and content style transitions.  Wow your viewers with elegant effects and transitions viewable from any device.


Content Changes on your Website (Optional Service)

Once your website is launched and traffic is flowing, you may want to update or change aspects of your site. We are available for any and all updates/modifications to your website. Updates to pages will be made in a timely manner, fulfilling all your requests and deadlines. Charges for maintaining and making changes will be at an hourly rate.


Training On Your CMS (Optional Service)

Video documentation on how to update and maintain your website with the use of your new content management system. Videos with step by step instructions. Videos posted to a private YouTube for future reference and easy access, so training can be revisited or used for future in-house training purposes.


2hr hands-on instructor online remote session – step by step training. You sit in the drivers seat and we remotely take control of your computer and walk you through all process’ to maintain site. Time for Q&A included.


SEO Performance Booster – Search Engine Optimization  (Optional Service)

Get the most out of your website by fixing common issues that lower your score for search engine traffic.  Google breaks down your site by more than just looking at keywords and page content.  Google reviews your site speed and if it is mobile friendly.  They make sure your site is using quality programing by reviewing code structure and file sizes.  Google confirms if your site is using a site map and proper structured data, and much, much more.  These configurations and setting contribute to your overall site performance.  If they do not meet the required criteria, this can dramatically impact your sites overall performance in organic search performance.


Our SEO Performance Booster helps optimize the configurations to their fullest potential.  While in most cases, not all criteria can be met, we work to accomplish 85% of the over requirements.  The benefits go far beyond search engine recognition.  This solution will help in increasing site speed, how your site links are display to search engines, help your viewers navigate your site more easily, as well as solidify your position above your competition.  While this service is not required to develop your website, it is highly recommended to help maximize the top quality results oriented solution we help to deliver.


With the service, you will receive a report on where you started prior to engaging in this service, as well as where you are once it is completed.  The report is easy to read, and helps in setting a road map for future SEO efforts in the future.  To get started today, contact us!  We’d love to take your site to the next level!


CMS Website Protection Service (Optional Service)

We install specially-designed security software that we personally use and trust. Then we configure the solution for maximum security to help keep your CMS website safe from hackers and malware. Nobody likes a website that’s been targeted. Even more…nobody likes doing the work to keep it safe. That’s where we come in.


Additional Website Services:

  • API Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Property Listing Tool Integration
  • Mega Menu Navigation
  • Google Maps Location Display
  • Light-Box Photo Gallery
  • Social Media Feed
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Submission
  • Monthly Website and Database Backups
  • Team Profile Manager
  • Testimonial Form
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Site Search Functionality
  • Training Documents