We can Print on ANYTHING!

Print design is any marketing project or campaign that is designed with printing a tangible object in mind as the final application.


As a print designer you need to know product specifications, dimensions, printing processes and how to get the best print quality from your designs.


Print design includes but is not limited to these possible applications below:


  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Magazine and Newspaper Layout
  • Book Design
  • Catalogs and Print Ads
  • Packaging Design
  • Promotional Products
  • Apparel Design
  • Vehicle Wrap or Decals
  • Tradeshow Materials
  • Point of Sale
  • Oversized Display Graphics


Once your project or campaign is completed, what is the next step? Here at Jesse Hopkins Design we pride ourselves on providing solutions through out the entire process – from inception of the marketing project/campaign to the implementation and facilitation. We can “Manage” every step of the way.


Printing & Mailing Of Your Marketing Pieces – “Print Management Service”
It’s a known fact, not every printer is right for every job. But how do you find the right printer for your printing needs? Where do you begin researching the best paper and bindery options? How do you find enough time in your day to attend press checks and keep your projects on schedule? Jesse Hopkins Design works to understand your specific needs and provides superior print knowledge, printer relationships resulting in cost-effective options and personalized attention to exceed your expectations on each print project. The printing and mailing of your marketing piece will be managed and overseen by Jesse Hopkins Design at an additional service charge (on printing and mailing services only – not postage). All contracts, contact and invoices will be from Jesse Hopkins Design only, streamlining your marketing, design, printing and mailing process – leaving more time for you to run your business.