Do you have business goals?  As your solutions-based partner, we will help you get there with clearly defined and executed marketing.


Marketing your business, brand, product or service is the name of OUR game. Creating multiple campaigns across the many avenues of media produces a tightly woven web, built to catch your target audience’s attention and react to our messaging. A successful creative marketing strategy is developed through a process of definition and execution.


Step 1: Define the Goals

What is the pain or desire you wish to fix or fulfill with your marketing campaigns? Are you looking to generate leads, increase foot traffic through your door, or sell a product through your website? With clearly defined goals, we can ensure that our attention is focused on the tasks at hand.


Step 2: Create a Strategy

A custom marketing strategy is created for each goal outlined in Step 1. To accomplish each goal there may be multiple strategies available. Strategies are chosen based on resources, timelines, budgets, research and expertise to implement. Once a strategy or “game plan” has been outlined, different messaging is generated to support and advertise the overall brand of the business.


Step 3: Execution

Jesse Hopkins Design thrives on well planned, time sensitive and successful execution of marketing campaigns. Marketing is a “game of calculated action”. When the goal has been clearly defined, the strategy has been creatively organized and the execution flawlessly performed – your marketing is prepared for the utmost success.


Your goals are our goals, we create results driven marketing.