Jesse Hopkins Bio

Jesse Hopkins is the owner and creative director at Jesse Hopkins Design (JHD). Over the past 15 years Jesse has devoted his professional career to assisting businesses create professional, creative and consistent brands with strong marketing messaging which reaches their target audience and generates results. During this time, he has built a reputation for undoubtable follow through, strong client relations, and the production of original and professional work. His years of design experience have afforded him the opportunity to work with non-profit agencies, start-ups, small-medium sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Jesse Hopkins has the talent, resources and robust creative “outside the box” thinking to take your marketing project from the inception of an idea through project completion.


“Good design is good business. Never for a moment should you think otherwise. Your customers or prospective clients are being bombarded with images and messages from other businesses, advertisements and media sources, all of which are being compared to your overall look or message. If your design isn’t up to par or better than those other images, your customers will think less of your business. Scream loud and often, stand out in the crowd. Start Communicating. Get Results” – Jesse R. Hopkins