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Setting The Scene

Background and Research

Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales (JMYS) is a worldwide professional representation for buyers and seller of new and used “trawler” style, ocean going, yachting vessels. Renowned Trawler Specialist, Jeff Merrill started JMYS yacht brokerage in January, 2014 after over thirty years in the marine industry. Jeff Merrill Yacht Sales, Inc. with a lifetime of enjoyment and passion for trawler yachting has developed a brand built on his experience and personal attention to the yachting industry. Jeff provides his clients with an unmatched level of expertise and attention to detail. Through endless growth and knowledge of the industry, JMYS continues to be the leader as a worldwide professional representation for buyers and sellers of premium brand, ocean-going trawlers.


Pain and Desire

  • Establish Core Values & Overall Brand Esthetic
  • Online Marketing Presence Is Most Important
  • Yacht Listing Manager Capturing Interested Parties

Proposed Solution

Product and Execution

Jeff an expert and lover of yachts, specifically the “trawler” style boats, came to JHD requesting the creation and assistance of a new business brand and materials. These materials included:

  • Creation of a New Brand and Logo
  • Website
  • Business Materials
  • Advertisement and marketing solutions
  • Tradeshow / Boat show banner graphics
  • Promotional Items
  • Email Marketing
  • Name Badges
  • Marketing consultation
  • Print management of all materials produced

Initial project was to create a mark/logo that included a refined illustration of a Trawler (yacht) returning from a sea worth adventure, navigating between bouys, standing tall, proud and powerful. This modern corporate look is easily manipulated to fit any and all marketing applications. The color choices evoke water and trustworthiness.

Built on the branding foundation were the business materials, marketing messaging and online business marketing tool/website. The JMYS website is designed and developed to perform as a listing portfolio with endless pertinent articles informing clients of the process, product background, boating lifestyle, testimonials of pleased clients, poised with an overall marketing sensibility and countless calls to action and ways to collect interested buyers/sellers information. The final website is a bold representation of the brand, with a results oriented marketing sensibility, that funnels interested parties towards the correct knowledge base or captures their information for follow up.

Happy Clients

Always Give Great Testimonials

Jeff Merrill
Owner, Trawler Specialist

What were the benefits of working with Jesse Hopkins Design?
JHD was eager and supportive in working with my company in start up mode and seemed to have a options and an ultimate solution for any project I wanted to undertake.

What projects were completed on a whole and which ones did you find most successful?
Any new company needs to have an identity.  I had some rough sketch ideas of our logo and Jesse was able to turn my concept into a beautiful design.  To this day I still get compliments on the logo.  After using the logo to create additional marketing items like business cards, thank you notes, stickers, etc. the priority was to develop a website. Jesse and his associate worked tirelessly with me to create a beautiful website that told my story and carried my important message to my clients.

Were there any challenges you have had working with Designers or Marketing personnel in past that JHD surpassed or overcame?
Jesse was the first resource I connected with and I never needed to stray away.  JHD was a one-stop-shop for design and marketing to help me achieve the company identification I desired.

Was the process enjoyable or a success in your eyes – were there any specific moments or tasks that stood out to you?
I’m a perfectionist so I know I can be difficult to please.  Like any creative process there are differences in opinions and expectations, but Jesse was a good listener and we were always able to successfully resolve everything.

Were the developed projects well received by customers or internal coworkers?
Yes.  My website explains my business to potential clients – both sellers and buyers of power cruising trawlers.

Was there any change in return on marketing investments or increase in sales/business?
Once the website was launched and started getting exposure the number of users has continued to increase.

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