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Setting The Scene

Background and Research

Accounting Practice Sales is the leader in accounting and tax practice mergers and acquisitions, specializing marketing of accounting firms and tax practices. Their brokers match practice owners selling a firm with interested buyers.

Our Best-in-Class transition advisors understand what it takes to navigate the complexity of these unique transactions. Successfully bringing sellers and buyers to the closing table is the only thing we do, and we do it better than anyone else!


Pain and Desire

  • Request For New Logo To Match Global Corporation
  • Organize Global Marketing Efforts
  • Monthly Campaigns, Multiple Languages
  • Individualize Marketing Efforts With Agent Contact Info

Proposed Solution

Product and Execution

After defining the Accounting Practice Sales philosophy, core values and business approach, the first task was to develop a easily recognizable, understandable and professional logo. The final mark included the companies acronym (APS) and the addition of (.net) to push their web presence. Included in this “emblem” style logo is a bar chart showing growth and progress. Built as a clean vector object logo allows for is easily manipulation to fit any and all marketing applications. The color choices (green, dark blue) evoke money, accounting and trustworthiness.

The business and marketing materials all carry the new messaging “Delivering Results – One Practice At A Time”. Consistent messaging, colors, typography, logo locations and design details help establish the “companies visual personality”.

Happy Clients

Always Give Great Testimonials

Sherif Boctor

  1. What were the benefits of working with Jesse Hopkins Design?
    There were various benefits we derived from working with Jesse.  Some of the most significant benefits were his creativity, his ability to understand our conceptual ideas and bring them to life, his responsiveness, and his overall professionalism.
  2. What projects were completed on a whole, and which ones did you find most successful?
    Jesse assisted us with a complete re-branding of our company. This began with a new logo design and continued through to the completion of our full identity package. He also worked on a complete overhaul of our marketing strategy which incorporated our newly developed design. Throughout the process, Jesse always provided various concepts to choose from. In short, all projects that Jesse worked on were an absolute success!
  3. Were there any challenges you have had working with Designers or Marketing personnel in past that JHD surpassed or overcame?
    One of the biggest challenges in working with other designers came down to simple communication.  We have always been able to provide the conceptual ideas of what we are looking for.  However, we found that others struggled in delivering acceptable proposed designs.  In several cases, they were asking us for answers to questions that we were looking for them to address. Jesse’s ability to take an idea and convert it into the final creative piece is exceptional.
  4. Was the process enjoyable or a success in your eyes – were there any specific moments or tasks that stood out to you?
    The process was both enjoyable and an absolute success.  Undertaking the task to pretty much redo all your branding and marketing material is a very stressful thought.  Working with Jesse resulted in a very smooth process that surpassed our expectations with none of the stress we thought we would encounter.  Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!
  5. Were the developed projects well received by customers or internal coworkers?
    We received very positive feedback across the board.  Our team, customers and marketing vendors were all impressed by the new creative that Jesse developed.
  6. Was there any change in return on marketing investments or increase in sales/business?
    Successful marketing is a long term play.  It’s pretty difficult to quantify success in the short term.  However, seeing the strong positive responses across the board,  I am confident that we will get a 10 fold return on our investment over the years to come.

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