Branding Improves Recognition, Creates Trust, Supports Advertising, Builds Financial Value, Inspires Employees, Generates New Customers…


A well conceived brand is the most valuable element for the long-lasting success of your business. Without a concrete brand, your business can lose track of its purpose, vision and confuse its prospective clientele.


It is important to take the time to research, define and build a strong brand. Your brand is the foundation for every aspect of your business, marketing and relationship with your clientele, vendors, employees, etc. Your brand is the “promise” you make to the business and consumer world around you.


What is a Brand?

You may be asking yourself at this point, that all fine and dandy Jesse, but what is a Brand? Some may be a little confused as to what a Brand or Branding is. Here is my definition of what branding is…


“Branding is the feeling you get (or what comes to mind) in association with a product, service or organization – whether or not, at that particular moment you have purchased anything or not.”


Branding is the the feeling in your gut, the thoughts associated and the emotional connection you have with a product, service or organization. A successful brand encompasses visual personality, cohesive message and consistent delivery of the core values of a product, service or organization.


Here are a couple questions to help begin creating a strong brand:  

  1. What are the core values I would like my brand to represent every time someone comes in contact with it, or thinks of it?
  2. Does my brand confirm my credibility?
  3. Does my brand emotionally connect with my customers?
  4. Does my brand have the ability to stand alone beyond personal personalities?
  5. Does my brand motivate a buyer to buy, and create user loyalty?
  6. Is my brand relatable?
  7. Does my brand evoke the uniqueness of what I offer and its importance?
  8. Does my brand reflect the core values I defined in question 1?


A Brand is NOT Logo Design!

Branding is not just the creation of a beautiful logo. It is not just about the visual elements of your brand. Branding is what your product, service or organization believes in and how it represents that. Branding is about invoking an emotional response from your customers or clients, by making them think specifically what you want them to think as soon as they hear your brand name.

The most successful companies, large or small, all have a singular thing in common. These companies have developed themselves and their services or products as leaders in the industry by building a strong brand.


Let us develop your company into a leader in YOUR industry buy building a strong brand together!