We are masters of story telling – visual composers of brand and message.


Jesse Hopkins Design takes the time to understand your business, your story, your needs, your company’s core values, who are your target audiences, where are you excelling, where are you falling short and what is the ultimate goal today as well as in the future.


Defined in our philosophy “Start Communicating. Get Results”, Jesse Hopkins Design’s goal is to help your business develop creative, strategic, calculated marketing campaigns which result in a predetermined outcome. Clear communication is the key to a brands success. As your strategic partners, design team, marketing experts, and production house, we love to dream and explore “all that can be”, and finally not only create the marketing plan, but implement, thus taking that dream or idea from infancy to stardom. We create campaigns that focus in on what is most important to the overall story of your business and in relation to your clientele.


Our process involves a calculated approach to understanding your business and developing campaigns that generate the results you seek.


Step 1: Research

Interview client, research the industry and understand the competitive landscape. Grasp and analyze clients objectives, goals, brand, core values, sales environment, business approach and service or product.


Step 2: Strategize

Objectively and critically, develop marketing strategies. Creatively introduce campaigns based on research gathered during step 1. Develop a “game plan” towards the implementation of a Strategic Marketing Plan. Management of timelines and organization of outside contractors/vendors to properly prepare for implementation.


Step 3: Create

Create and develop strategic visions into actual tangible products or marketing projects. Whether we are designing for Print, Web, Social Media, Point of Sale, Trade Show, Presentations, etc… Jesse Hopkins Design stays true to your core values and your overall brands esthetic. Creativity and consistency within your brands message and design, ensures unique and recognizable efforts across all marketing avenues, thus creating a solid foundation for success.


Step 3: Implement

After the overall design esthetic, messaging, timelines and campaigns have been outlined, it is time to let the rubber meet the road. Implementation of a strategic marketing plan is where Jesse Hopkins Design take your company’s brand and messaging to the world. Your project and timeline is always of utmost importance to us. The success of your business is our goal and in the end how we define the success of ours.


Let Jesse Hopkins Design be the partner you seek to fulfill your business / marketing aspirations.